Blocking an opponent from getting on the platform

As the title might allude to I’m wondering if it’s legal to “block” the other team from getting on top of their own platform. That’s not to say I would intentionally crash into the opposing team’s robots because that much I’m sure is illegal.

My first idea, if legal, is to use weight from a robot carrying a mobile goal to force non-entry of the opposing team’s robots. For example, at some point, my robot with a mobile goal, for weight, would go on top of the opposing team’s platform and whenever one of their robots would try to come up top I would go to the opposite side to both avoid confrontation and prevent another the robot from coming up top.

Any thoughts, or if this is legal?

SG3 prevents you from making contact with a platform at the end of a match, and moving on the platform to raise it to a position where your opponents can’t reach it definitely counts for it.

This would affect gameplay so would also result in a DQ regardless of it being match affecting


You do know you are allowed to hit, push, ram, block or whatever you want to the opposing alliance robots. You are also permitted to pin an opposing alliance robot for up to 5 seconds. I would strongly advise reading the game manual as you are not allowed to touch the opposing alliances platform in the last 30 seconds. Touching the platform directly or transitive is an automatic 30 points add to the opponents score and what you are suggesting would be a very easy DQ from any ref.


Yes, it is not legal as described in the Game Manual during specific portions of the game play.

Please read the Game Manual for current game rules.

I am no sure why this is categorized as Starstruck and tower-takeover.

I would recommend going to a local competition and see how the game is played … all events are posted on