Blocking opponents from scoring?

So I read through the rule book, and came across a little problem:

Question: Can I sit in my opponent’s protected zone and block them from scoring?

This may seem like an obvious no, but hear me out.
Rule basically says you can’t mess with anything in the opposing alliance’s inner protected zone, and you can’t touch an opposing bot when they are fully in their protected zone.

Rule says you can’t force an opponent to break a rule.

See the problem here? What if a team tries to block, but gets pushed into the goal zone?

I’m not sure, but I think rule may solve this problem. (Offensive Robots get the “benefit of the doubt”)


Please clarify?

I am in the process of reading through the rules, but I think in this case if I am going to score a cube and you are in the way and won’t get out of the way, I am going to plow through you (think QCC2 v VCAT Skyrise for visual example).


Offensive robots get the benefit of the doubt - When you try to defend them and they push you into the zone, you are trying to force them into breaking a rule (being in contact of the zone). You are also obviously defending, which means that it’s highly likely that you will be called at fault.

(we had the issue this year with the 18" height limit and 2381C’s blocker).

I believe it’s fine. You just can’t touch their goal zone or barrier.

Nothing illegal about it. And thats the origin of how wallbot comes about - a defensive robot that prevents the opponents from scoring.

But do take note that if the opponent robots, in the process of scoring, push you into the restricted zone, then you will risk being DQ.

So if you want to do a wallbot, make sure you do a real solid unmovable wall.

And just suggesting… there are more than one way in preventing your opponents from scoring :slight_smile:


what leaks does meng already have yikes

I already have meta predictions as well.

As small as the scoring zones are, I think that it will be necessary to fully utilize the towers to maximize your points, while simultaneously minimizing your opponent’s.

Wallbots, while they often are the most effective defensive robots, may not actually be the most effective way to play defense.

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