Blocking skyrises

I just thought of a new way to block teams from building a skyrise by putting a cube on the skyrise holder on the wall. Is this allowed if you aren’t toching their square or blocking the robot. This world work well if a robot can only build skyrises. The only problem I have is that the refs may think you are block the skyrise. Can someone tell me if this is legal or not?

I don’t think this would be legal, as you would be interfering with the opponent’s skyrise building.

You would need over 24 inches of forward reach because you can’t enter the tile.

Also a robot would be there? If you specifically built a robot that could reach over the opponent without touching them and still have over 2 ft of forward reach than it MIGHT be legal but probably not.

Even if you put a cube there…wouldn’t the other team simply knock it off in a matter of one second?

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