so a lot of people seem to be talking about blocking and what is or isn’t legal. i have been reading over the manual a few times and the only illegal blocking i have found is detached parts blocking. could somebode please provide the rule were it says you can not block with your robot?


There is none.

The words “block” and “blocking” do not appear in the manual.

Also when you search for every mention of the word “goal”, you don’t find any uses in a context that forbids obstructing other robots.

Hint, Hint, …


that is what i thought. i too searched both block and blocking and came up with nothing just wanted to be sure thanks

you cant travel over the wall, yet you want to talk about blocking? The only way to block is blocking the opps from scoring is just going opposite them when they try to dump/unload and get in their way, unless that’s what you were you were talking about at the start and i’m fail :frowning:

You may want to read or reread , particularly Karthik’s answer.

As I understand that thread and you can cover your triangles with anti slip mat, block the bottom slots with anti-slip mat, and even raise a volleyball net of some sort, provided everything is still attached to your robot with any legal material as strong as string.

It may even be possible that attempting to move the blocking material could be considered a violation of G9.

By my understanding of that thread, it’s possible to block your opponent without being anywhere near them.


I believe this thread exists because of questions like the one in this Q&A post Blocking question in Q&A.

DinerKid’s original question in this thread was asked and answered - There is nothing in the rules about “blocking”.

I doubt we want to spend much more time discussing something that isn’t in the rules, or violently agreeing with each other that it isn’t in the rules.

Maybe we should let this thread die peacefully? :wink: