Blockly Download Timeout

I am using Chromebooks in my classroom and attempting to download a simple robot mesh studio program to the robots but it will not connect without timing out. I’ve successfully updated the firmware on the robots and installed the plugin for the Chromebook, however I’m not getting it connected. Help!

Hi. Just confirming that you’ve installed both the Robot Mesh Connect Chrome Extension and the corresponding Robot Mesh Connect Chrome App. What make/model of Chromebook are you using?

Yes, I’ve installed both the extension and the app. We’re using chromebook model 11.

I just updated the firmware on this chromebook as well. When I connect a robot and press the “Connect” tab, I get this error message: “Connect failed: read/AndTest: read timeout: 750ms @40/6112”

Hi. Just before Christmas we released an update to Robot Mesh Studio which addresses the connectivity issues you’re seeing. There is no change to the Robot Mesh Connect App or Extension, just an update to the website. Therefore just go back to and you should be able to download ok from your Chromebook. We have also made some improvements in the “Connect” feature where sensor values can be checked in the Status Panel on the right-side of the Robot Mesh Studio work space.