Blocks to text

In years past, you could create code with blocks in Graphical RobotC. When it was finished, there was an option to convert the blocks to text. I loved this for my students as it helped them to see what the actual text looked like for a blocks program they created. Bridging the gap so to speak.

I would like to see this option as well in IQBlocks and V5Blocks. It’s possible that it is there, but I’m not finding it. If it is not - VEX, could you pretty please add that option in for VEXCode?


I believe this exact request is supported using Robot Mesh Studio. You can convert directly from Blockly to python.

Would RMS be able to open a VEXCode file?

Unfortunately not.

Didn’t think so. Don’t want to have students create the same program twice. :expressionless:

Thus the request to add to VEXCode.

Already planned for later this year with VEXcode IQ/V5 Text updates. We’re working to clean up the V5 SDK a bit to make the transition between the two more seamless.


Super news! Thanks.

Btw, happy anniversary! :cake:

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