Bluetooth - forget about it for Windows or Android

As a public service for those who have been waiting for Bluetooth, forget about it for Windows or Android unless you want to download the SDK and program it yourself. There is NO App, NO way to download programs from RobotC or any other programming platform. Bluetooth support does not exist for Windows or Android OS. Only IPads can use Bluetooth to download programs.

Do not purchase the VEX Bluetooth Radio if you have Windows or Android and expect it to work.
I don’t know why it is even on the market. You still have to use the Micro USB which will eventually cause your robot brain to be sent for repair to the adapter mount on the PCB.

I mean seriously, Lego toys use Bluetooth, like on Power Up and BOOST and the SBrick uses it on Android and Windows and Mac. Heck, even Scratch can be used to program via Bluetooth using S2Bot and the BLED dongle. But RobotC and VEX software cannot? Just FYI

I think this is fairly common knowledge. The ETA for the Android version has been discussed and with Windows it is more complicated since up to and including Windows 7, the OS itself does not support BLE anyway.


If it was common I would have known about it, but I guess I’m an idiot? There is nothing about it on any company website. As a matter of “real” fact, I use BLE with Lego Power Up and Lego BOOST and I have been doing so all year long, actually since last year. I have used BLE devices with Windows 8, and now 10. Please do your research. I have also been using BLED with many versions of Windows for years now.

Please stop being so hostile. Windows 8 and 10 are not the same as Windows 7 which I referenced. I am aware that Windows 8 and 10 support BLE. I am aware that other platforms support BLE, many of which I use too.
If you would like to refer to yourself as an idiot, that is your choice. I certainly didn’t refer to you as such. My point was that you are warning the community about an issue that is well documented, including by VEX themselves.


I guess IQ is also constantly being developed just like v5? From what I know the v5 brain cant use bluetooth yet either, but will be able to later.

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