Bluetooth information about Build Blitz kits

I purchase the VEX Hexbug kits that are compatible with VEXIQ for the cool parts and to learn new build techniques. For example I’m pretty much a 1x1 pin person. But the newer kits really use the 0x2 pins because they won’t pull out of the first piece (because of the flat end). This creates stronger builds. (Sorry for the digression)

The brain in the Build Blitz supports 4 motors. Sadly to drive the Build Blitz kits, you need a cell phone. I’m not excited to hand a roboteer my phone, nor am I thrilled about buying a $300 phone to be able to drive.

I’d like to build something simple with two joysticks and use a small (cheap) form factor like a Raspberry Pi Zero.

It was suggested that I post here and try to catch the eye of @jpearman or @levipope.


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