Bluetooth Vex, Need Help!!

ok, i have a eb501 I can’t get easyc terminal to “open the serial port”. My setup is vex through serial ( programing cable without USB to serial ) to eb501 then bluetooth to my XP laptop. It paired sucessfuly. I’ve already set the bit rate correctly.

Will I need to buy another eb501 for the “easyconnect” feature?:eek:

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i believe you would need a bluetooth module on each end, a transmitter and a reciever](

I agree with Basicman… With Radios (which is what BlueTooth is) you need at least a Pair.

I don’t know a lot about BlueTooth, but will two eb501 communicate with each other??? Some devices (like USB) are designed to be ONLY a Host or only a Client, and a device like a USB Hub, has to have both types of Devices inside it…

If it paired, then you don’t need another radio. You already have both ends of the radio link.