BMore Robotic Manufacturers Cup Review

I thought it would be a good idea to review the BMore Robotic Manufactures Cup results. This is leader of team 934z here, more commonly recognized on the forum by our documenter @AG256 .

This competition marked team 934z’s 5th qualification for the state championship for the 2016-2017 season (as of 10/9/16). Now, this was certainly a smaller competition, but there were some things that were happening that I’d like to point out. As far as this early in the season, hanging and autonomous were hardly an issue. For all of our matches, we could simply push our preload under the fence. We do however have other autonomous routines written, but this one point scoring method can work with 100% accuracy and still wins us the autonomous bonus most times.

As for hanging, we do have a working hang prototype with our arm, but removed it for this competition because it wasn’t necessary to be successful, and could have interfered with our overall performance.

That being said, do you think this (unimportance of both hanging and autonomous bonus) will be a common theme throughout the Starstruck season, similar to how lifting your alliance partner’s robot at the end of a match wasn’t important for the majority of the Nothing But Net season?

Competition Video is attached, and can be found on our Youtube Channel here:

SF match #2-1

SF match #2-2 link text

Final match # 1-1

On a side note, our Robotics Program receives little funding from our school. If you know anyone that could help us through sponsorship, please send a PM to either myself or @AG256 .

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Bad tournament
Rate 3/10


Nice robot; I like the use of rubber-links on the tray. Any plans for making a hanging mechanism?

Yes, we have a hook where the tray meets the plexi, but we did not get it working very well so we just removed it. That is why we separated the tray into 2 parts, to accommodate the hook between them.

Oh wait, mb, you guys said that in your original post…

In answer to your original question:

No, I think hanging is going to be very important throughout the starstruck season because it is much easier then lifting your partner in nbn, and is more comparable to hanging in toss-up, therefore more teams will be able to high hang. I think autonomous bonus is also important because it is used for ranking, after WP’s, and I think this can be seen in your strategy to clinch autonomous bonus with a simple, yet reliable, autonomous.

I rate it 3/10 because while it was a fun tournament, the people there didn’t know what they were doing (By the way, this was confirmed as they asked for people to learn how to be refs at the end). You could tell that the field was put together Saturday night. I am very mad about the field thing due to the fact that one of our standoffs got stuck under the field fence, ruining us for the rest of the match. Also, for alliance selections, they didn’t tell what order that they were going to have the matches in, so a mix-up happened, which messed them up, and for some reason they said we played 2 matches and lost both when we only played one. Our sister team also got messed up due to the refs not saying certain things. Finally, they couldn’t score. How is it that when at the end of a match, both teams count the stars and know who won, but the team that won didn’t win and the team that lost actually won. Also, we didn’t get any AP’s for certain matches, even though we were the only robot in those matches to have an autonomous (This also happened to our sister team and when we played together). I respect all the teams that were there, and you guys definitely deserved to win, but I’m just mad about how half-heartedly the people who ran the competition tried.

Also, do you have finals match 2. That was an amazing ending.

I think I have a recording of it somewhere. It should be up on our channel by tomorrow.