BNS Presents: Striker Eureka (15”)

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Designed for both speed and robustness, Striker Eureka is a dominant force in possessing wall posts.

-8 motor drive on 3.25” wheels with internal turbo gearing (1:2 equivalent on 4” wheels)
-4 motor reverse double four bar lift, 7:1 external gearing with high speed internals = 4.375:1
-1 piston active claw holds cubes securely
-Many sensors for both autonomous and driver assist
-Super fast

Come by the BNS pit to check out our other robots. See you at worlds!
(The reveal video was done by Robert and parodies the Discobots’ Gateway reveal).

Haha I love it. Great looking robot. The ultrasonic alignment is awesome. See you at worlds!


Edit:looked at rules for VexU and saw that 12 motors are allowed. Sorry.

Don’t forget they are in the VEXU division, 12 motors.

I cracked up at this part. XD

That looks like a great Robot there, its speed is amazing. I’m really looking forward to seeing the VEX U competition in person, which from what I’ve seen so far should be very exciting to watch.
Spot on parody there too.
The BNS pit will definitely be on my list, can’t wait.