Boat Challenge

i challenge anyone to make a robot that can stay afloat on water, and go forewards, backwards, left, and right. post your pics!

i will also try this, i will start on:3/10/07

good luck!!!

ps: be careful, test your floats on weights to ensure that your bot is light enough for them!!!

Sounds risky!

it does I think this should e left to people with some serious vex knowledge and the extra money should something go wrong.

I posted one of the original threads on this topic…

Read through it, it contains some good tips for all areas…

(especially equiptment saftey…)

yep, i built a paddle boat.i used 4 2 liter soda cans foe floatation.flat panels with duct tape for the panel.rudder was a flat panel with ducttape also.