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Hello! I’m Timaeus, the bookkeeper from 550C. I’ve run into an issue where I have half an available notebook, but I’ve used up all the table of contents space. How should I go about addressing and fixing this issue?

you’d probably want to just tape in another custom table of contents to your table of contents page. you could tape it below, and fold it up to close the book.

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At the bottom of your first table of contents write the page number to your next table of contents.
nested tables of contents

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Thank you for that suggestion, but I definitely think my coach might roast me for doing that. I’m thinking my three options right now are A) Make a copy of the TOC page, hole punch it, and place it into the notebook, bound by the 3-ring, so it’s still considered a bound book without pages added or removed B) Make a custom TOC on the page I’m at and book mark it, or C) Start a new notebook, which my coach would roast me for for having half a still usable notebook.

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When my team ran into that last year, they put a note at the bottom of the ToC that it was continued on the last page, and then worked from the last page backwards for the continued ToC.


That’s a really good idea. Didn’t think of it, I’ll definitely consider it, thanks.

I don’t believe binders count as bound notebooks.

I would suggest doing what @Deicer said.

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