Booths at worlds - are teams from the same club together?

At Worlds, do the teams from the same club have booths next to each other?

Or are they in separate locations next to their assigned divisions?

If you mean pits, yes. Also, it is in alphaneumerical order. No division based pits.


So pits wont be by division? Our team number is 31516A so we will be next to our other team, 31516B?

Correct - hard for one adult coach/advisor to supervise many teams in different parts of the convention center.

That said, High school teams are together, middle school in different area, as are VEX-U and JROTC.

With the new schedule spread across a week, it is hard for schools with VEX IQ and VRC teams.


What new schedule?
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In the past all VRC MS&HS and VEX_U happened together and everything was broken down for VIQC elementary and middle school events. So if you were a school with middle and high school VRC, this was good in terms of travel, but harder to keep track of teams in two separate areas of convention center.


oh I am vex IQ
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In years past, elementary school, middle school high school, and VEX-U were all done simultaneously. In later years, IQ was separated from VRC, and now things are spread over more weeks.