Border Wars Extreme DQ

My team attended the Border Wars competition on Saturday, and witnessed this:

Both teams got DQ’d, and they stopped/re-started the match.

I was laughing SO hard. Anyway…

Post comments/questions.

haha I’ve never seen anything like that im confused why the ref allowed the teams to untangle the robots

I am also confused.

I think it was really funny that this happened :stuck_out_tongue:

someone put this up with karthik, and he will quote you ten “safety” rules that were broken :stuck_out_tongue:

haha that is soo true (there needs to be a like button on the forum)

Actually it’s just <S1> but it is really all-encompassing. (Emphasis is mine :D)

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close but its not the same

It’s just a <G1>, not a big deal :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol this was ridiculous. What made them think it was a good idea to jump onto the field? hahahahaha

At 0:17 someone (the ref?) says ‘you guys can go pick up your robots’.

oh wow I didn’t even hear that. Is that legal at all?


(10 char)

Well refs operate above the rules <T1> so if they tell you that you can go on the field then you can go on the field. It looks like the ref allowed them to untangle their robots and then DQed them based on the fact that they entered the field a second time. If it wasn’t a ref saying ‘you guys can go pick up your robots’, then what both teams did was VERY illegal, obviously.

Of course, whether the referees were correct or not is a different story - they are told to follow the actual rules by the referee’s guide (here) and the actual rules say that team members can’t enter the field, regardless, until the match is finished and gates are down <G6> <SG15>.

True. And it says specifically in the Referee’s guide:

"A referee’s job is to enforce the rules as they are written, not as they think they should be written.
A referee should not make up rules or penalize teams who do not play the game the way they ‘feel’ is right. "

But anyway, despite what may have been a lapse in judgement, they replayed the match which was the right thing to do.

The ref’s probably thinking: “OMG, IT’S GOING TO FALL AND DAMAGE MY FIELD/safety issue!!! PICK UP YOUR ROBOTS!!!”

If it’s a safety issue, I think it’s perfectly legal. Safety is first, kind of… xD