bore diameteron vex wheels

Hi everybody i would like to know whats the bore diameter on vex wheels cause i want to adapt the vex kit with something of my creation. Thanks a lot

I think its a .25 inch square but im not sure, You can always drill them out to the needed size!

  • Andrew

1/8" square. Vex uses slightly undersized 1/8" key stock as axles.

For the shafts yes, however if you remove the insert I think is .25. Anyway thats Everything there.

  • Andrew

I’ve found that you can use a 3/16" dia rigid coupler like the CDS-B1-6. But since the 3/16 side will be a slightly too big, the vex shaft will end up slightly off-center, causing unwanted friction if the vex shaft is fed into a bearing block immediately past the coupler. If you allow an inch or two gap between the coupler and the first bearing block, the shaft will be able to flex just enough to work OK.

You can also use a standard 1/4"-1/4" coupler (fairly easy to find; I like this one) with a Vex shaft coupler inserted in the other side. The Vex shaft won’t be clamped in place, but you can use lock collars and bearing blocks to make sure it can’t lift out.


  • Dean