Bored at home? Compete in an Online Hackathon!

Hi everyone! I hope everyone is excited for the next season, but I wanted to share an event next weekend (starting May 1st) that I’m planning with some other students from my VEX program.

DistanceHacks is an online hackathon open to all students without restrictions, and the event is free of cost for all participants. As a result of online learning, students have lost opportunities to gain knowledge and attend events. DistanceHacks is designed to replicate a hackathon, a multi-day event when students compete by completing programming projects. In addition, they have the opportunity to attend workshops and seminars to expand their computer science knowledge. As such, students participating in the event will have access to resources and lessons taught by event organizers and industry mentors. Students: we hope to see you participate. Mentors and Teachers: we’re hoping that you can share this exciting opportunity with your students.

More information about the event and the registration form can be found at


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