Bot reveal! (not finished yet)

This is the innovative FerrisBot. I cant tell you guys how many hours I’ve put into designing this thing. The linear lifts on the side took the longest. Please steal from my design and make your own.

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i can’t see it

but cool


sorry. if you want pictures go check the rise above bot idea forum. I still need to upload them for this.

than dont make a thread? lol






any ideas of where to put the brain?

Hi. I know the bot isn’t finished yet but is this supposed to be just a cool design or a competitive bot. I don’t do iq but that seems for the game that you have this year. That wouldn’t be a very optimal robot to use. And I am not downgrading you are anything as you said you took a lot of time building this but I am generally confused.

here, this is the function if it in detail. I assure you it works. those weird things on the side support the drive train and allow it to lift about 6 inches into the air. this isn’t done yet and it will eventually go about a foot more in the air. the center wheel allows for it to carry 6 risers at a time and the ability to raise and lower the wheel thus allowing it to effectively stack 2 stacks fast I am waiting for the next shipment of parts to finish it. If i can i will try to show a video of it driving. If you want some more explanation and pictures go check the bot idea forum.

I don’t really look at iq robots much, but that looks pretty efficient and unique, so good job on that.

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idk even just lifting up and down seems like it would be slow, not to mention only placing one riser on the stack at a time.


that is a good thing that i have not yet considered. if it becomes a problem then i guess i will figure out something by changing the gear ratios.


Looks awesome! Keep it up!


i agree. With all due respect, a six stracker may not be the most efficient robot due to time limits. It may take along time aqcuire the six risers then drop them

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Though you dont always have to get 6. I am designing the robot so that you dont have to move at all when you are setting things down. I think that wi greatly improve efficiency. BTW this is my like side project robot. I already have a 3 arm stacker.


Hey, what’s the name of your YouTube channel? Could you link the channel in your bio? Looking forward to the skills reveal!

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I have decided that this bot will work, but I want to wait until after I am qualifyed for states. You get why

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Yeah I do, good luck! I’m doing the same for my robot, although it’s not finished yet.

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I’m not competing, so I’m just throwing out my ideas and hoping others see them. I mean, there is no downside to sharing them. I understand you guys’ need for secrecy (that is a big part of FRC) and congrats on finding designs that work!

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