Bot Tipping

At a previous competition our robot was repeatedly run into and tipped over. It happened 3 times, in 3 consecutive semi-finals/finals matches, and it went uncalled by the judges. I checked the rules myself after the 3rd time and intentional tipping wasn’t allowed, but when I told the judges this they defended their not-ruling. They said that although it was true and in the rules, they couldn’t call them on it because they weren’t called when it happened the first time. This made no sense to me, but I wasn’t bothered. I’m not sore or complaining, just curious about what your take is on this. BTW, bot is now tip-proof:cool:

I don’t know what your referees intended, but the rule is against intentional flipping. I would interpret this to mean that the other team had a mechanism or feature of their robot that caused other robots to tip which would otherwise not tip. If you have a top-heavy robot that tips when another 'bot bumps into it I would rule that it is your fault, not theirs.

Good luck with your now-unflippable robot!

It honestly was a design flaw, we incidentally shrunk our wheelbase. This in turn made us much more prone to tipping. But hey, live and learn. :smiley: