BOTZ Gateway Design Teaser

So while y’all have been off talking about random spring concepts and ohhing and ahhing over Aperture and Gus, I decided to actually use my time wisely…

Please join me in welcoming the first teaser of the completely awesome and totally cool BOTZ design!

A puppy for the first person who can tell me exactly what this is, what it will do, and the full design! ::insert evil laugh here::

Thoughts? Critiques? Random observations on what a horrible CAD person unclejoe is?

Kiwi drive.

Close. Very close. keep going on that same line…

Oh, and if anyone is wondering, this is designated Project Emu…

Yet another clue… :smiley:

Holonomic drive? Is this a drive train of some sort? Or a manipulator? Drive train I assume, since it has an omni. Thanks for the shout out btw.

Is that a mecanum wheel?

not even close :stuck_out_tongue:

What is a kiwi drive???

It’s basically a three omni wheel robot with all the wheels facing 45 degree angles. It’s pretty cool.

They are cool, but if you view a robot from the top and visualize it as a circle, the wheels are spaced every 120 degrees. It’s a holonomic drive with three wheels evenly spaced instead of four.

You’re right, my bad. It’s been a while since I’ve had sleep. :p.

5 wheeled holo :wink:

If I were you guys, I would be careful about submitting guesses.

Joe probably has a litter of puppies to distribute, and he is about to trick one of you into taking one. :eek:


I’ve seen them before, they work well as long as you know how to drive properly.

The angle of the wheel module isn’t correct for an X, + or wiki drive. You might be doing something similar to Piratech, they altered the angle of the X holonomic to attain faster movement in two primary directions (L/R) while sacrificing speed in front/back. But I seriously doubt this.

I think your thinking hexagonal. Possibly similar to the scorpion drive. That’s my guess at least.


I think it couldn’t be a kiwi drive because of the degree of the angle, but since it is kinda close, I guess I should guess eithier a 4 wheeled (x config) holo, but I don’t think that’s it, so maybe a 2 forward or backward wheels in the x style, then have a 3rd powered wheel that is either sideways (in the H config) or a wheel that is facing forward to help it go forward easier. (I’m probably wrong, but hey, it’s worth a try! ;))

Nothing like that… But I’ll definitely remember that if I ever do have a bunch of puppies to get rid of! :smiley:

As for the rest of you, some of you are close, some are miles away…

Let’s just say y’all aren’t thinking big enough, and the hint I gave you doesn’t show enough to really allow you to guess the full design…

SO: another teaser soon… :smiley:

See I don’t think Joe gets that these teasers of extremely zoomed in parts are no fun. I like to zoom a little further out to see if they can figure it out (like the Nonatread) He even admits that :stuck_out_tongue: There are like 5 parts visible 2 structure, an omniwheel, a bold and a nut. Thats pretty much it… :frowning: Joe you could tell me after all you are an honorary member of Aperture :wink: :stuck_out_tongue: Whatever it is it probably wont disappoint though :smiley:

Working on the next one right now! I ran into a constraining problem, but I’m trying to have it solved within the hour…

And yes… I am an honorary member… I :might: upload some pics to Facebook… (ahem everyone else: here’s a great reason to become friends with robotics people!)

First i was wondering what a scorpion drive is.:confused:

Second I have no clue what this is a pic of, but then again i haven’t really thought about it.