Box sizing regulations

Since the competitions have a size regulation of having to fit into that box, what if, hypothetically speaking, a robot fits into the box, but has arms that swings out during play? does the robot always have to be the same size the entire game, or can arms come out and make the robot 4x the length and width? it’s a stupid question but i was itchin’ for the answer.

The robot can expand as big as you want it after the match starts. When the match starts, your robot must be within the 18x18x18, that is the only time it needs to fit inside those dimensions.

This could be much better enforced if the sizing box were to be used before every match… but i suppose that would take too long.

If you feel one of your opponents robots is larger than it should be you can ask the ref to check it out. Then it is up to the ref to decided whether or not the robot should be reconfigured or removed from the field.

cool! so if you could find a way to expand so big that there’s this big cage then you could corner you opponents to their demise! MUAHAHAHAHAHA!

Yes, this is the case. We rely on the “honor system” that teams will come to the field in the same state that they were inspected. There is no simple way to police EVERY robot to ensure they don’t cheat.

ur robot must start the match in the size regulation, but may expand to a greater size

Sort of off topic, but has anyone built a combo sizing box / transport box? I have four teams and need sizing boxes for events, but it would be nice to have the box do double duty as a transport box.

I was thinking of just making a base that would latch onto the box.

Any good designs out there?


Yep. Our transport boxes have internal dimensions of 18x18x18. Last year we sent two teams to Atlanta, so for transport the lid of one of the boxes had wheels on the inside corners, and went on the bottom of a box. The bottom of the other box fit like a lid on top of the other. If that doesn’t make sense I can make a bad drawing.:slight_smile:

Makes sense, good sounding design and its’ possilbe to carry two robots at the same time.


A piece of advice for transport boxes: eggcrate foam insulation works great to protect robots in transit. Just make sure you buy the anti-static kind.