Brain Accessibility Rule

I cant find the rule for it but i know there was a rule that said the brain had to be easily accessible. its hard to belive they got rid of it as its a safety risk but what are inspectors doing about it? is there anything saying the battery has to be accessible as well? it makes sense that if the brain is accessible the battery doesn’t need to and the other way around. ive seen some horrendous brain placement like on the bottom side of the robot and i know if they dont pass it will suck as its hard to fix that in time but why make it so hard to get to?

R23 in the game manual:


So the Brian orientation does matter for inspectors - I had a case I could not get to the touch screen to press Device info nor able to remove the clear cover.

I routinely warn teams about this. Please don’t make it harder for Inspectors and Referees to help you during tournaments.

Safety issues are real - our team’s robot had major meltdown during Worlds (Toss Up season) when the robot’s arm sliced through and shorted the battery cables. Not fun… Not the only battery melt down I have seen at tournaments.


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