Brain, controller, battery storage

Hi community,

I have most of my classroom V5 kits sorted by individual parts in plastic bins. The students use the clear VEX containers to store their projects. However, I’m at a lost on what to do with the controllers and brains. I still have the original cardboard boxes, but I was looking for a simpler solution that protected these items yet will fit in the clear VEX containers when not being used during project builds.

What do you use?

We use custom foam cutouts to hold our electronics for competition.

They won’t fit into the vex containers, but we’ve been using Harbor Freights “pelican-style” case (the 3800 model) which is large enough for two controllers, batteries, etc: has similar cases customized for V5 stuff: Competition Cases - Cases for VEX Robots - -

In our organization, each team has a workstation for their team stuff, then there’s team storage in plastic bins, pegboard racks, and commercial “small parts” drawer boxes. Details here if you’re interested: Team VIRUS workspace 2023.pdf - Google Drive