Brain Crashes, all ports start blinking

We received a new brain. We updated the brain with the current Vex OS. The brain crashes after 1 minutes (approx) of driving. It loses link with the controller, all ports start blinking red. We have to disconnect the battery and reconnect. It also crashes when trying to load code or do anything with the brain. I can’t seem to get a response from Vex Support on email.

@jpearman might be able to help

Thanks, I will reach out. We are in a time crunch for worlds so hoping to get it resolved quickly.

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Do you have a spare brain? if not, I would suggest ordering one now if you can afford it. If this issue cant get resolved you don’t want a faulty brain to prevent you from going to worlds.

We would , however vex and robotmesh are out of stock on brains. We can borrow one if necessary,.

Sorry I didn’t look. If absolutely necessary, there is the V5 system bundle, however it is much more expensive than the brain alone.

If this was a brand new brain, then you need to get it replaced under warranty, It sounds like it is defective to me, does the touch screen or anything work when it crashes ?

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The touchscreen does not work when it crashes. It is brand new, we just got the brain. It was a replacement brain for a brain that blew ports. Do I need to contact someone besides support at vex? I can’t seem to get a reply? Or is there a phone number?

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