Brain displays blank Error screen

What would be the cause of this message?

We have seen this before but I think it was powered off so quickly. Just happened to catch it this time.

“Error” … blank … at bottom “[x] …K”


That’s a new one to me. I would recommend just going for the “Hard Re-Start”. Shut brain down, pull out the battery, wait a few seconds, put it back in and start up again. Did this cause any errors to your code or driving?

We do a hard restart for most of these errors. That clears it out. Sometimes the brain does freeze and at that time you have to pull out the battery. It did not cause errors to code or driving but we had random experiences where the error sometimes results in some other subsequent error. Though not always the case, our brain is on our way out though, and that could be the case at least this time.

Hi surgeon,

Did this error occur while using a built-in program such as Driver Control, or did it occur in a ROBOTC or Modkit program?


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Hi Art,
We use RobotC. However, as of last week we were having brain issues. So depending on some condition or status, it probably tried to display something. It could be one of exceeds 3 seconds, needs controller, could find some device on port, etc. As we have swapped out this brain currently, have not seen this error so far. We do not use the built-in program other than to test if needed. Thank you.

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Aloha surgeon,
I’m glad you found a way around the problem. I’m also glad that it does not affect many of your other robot functions. Great job.