Brain firm ware update

I am trying to download my code to the brain from VEXcode v5. Each time it says the brain is out of date. I click the button to update and it shows the loading bar and does nothing. Ive waited for 15 minutes and nothing, so I decided to get V5 firmware utility and it says “unplug usb cable and try again” ive tried different cabels and brains.

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Some questions here:

Firstly, is there more than one window open that could be communicating with the V5 brain? This could be more than one VEXcode window, a PROS window, multiple firmware utility windows, anything like that. I’ve had a friend with a similar issue due to having multiple windows open.

Secondly, is the USB cable in question working? Does it work with other devices? Is it a data sync cable (chances are that it is, but it is good to check)?

Thirdly, is the USB port on the computer working? Does it work with other devices? Does the device manager or whatnot show something is plugged in?

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there was another app runnning, the cable was brand new. Thank you for your response. I am going to try closing all apps and reopening my program.