Brain Freezing

So with my school closed for a very long time, I’ve taken home a bunch of parts with the intent to learn odometry. I’ve finished my chassis, and I’m trying to test it, but I’m encountering an issue with the brain.

The brain I’ve taken home is brand-new, never used before. We got it quite recently, around a month ago. It has an issue I’ve never seen before, where it will randomly just freeze. Only way to fix it is to unplug the battery. This freezing happens every 30 seconds or so, and it happens regardless of what the robot is currently doing, it can even freeze in the booting up screen. Is this just a defective brain, or is there a way to fix it?

It sounds like a defective brain. You could try updating firmware, but if it’s freezing during boot it sounds more like a hardware problem, call vex and get an RMA number.


ok thanks. On another note, after updating firmware my controller only looks like this:
image1 (2)
with no text or anything, just symbols and buttons.
resetting the controller does not fix.
Also the controller refuses to connect to the brain when tethered with a cable, only radio. This controller was not new, and had been working fine before I updated it. any way to fix it?

was that updated using the defective brain ? Had that brain been updated ?

Check correct language is selected in settings screen, but it sounds more like the bad brain sent corrupted firmware to the controller.


yes and yes.

can’t see any of the text on the controller.

is there a way to get good firmware onto the controller?

I guess would be bad firmware in the brain it then could have sent that to the controller also giving it bad firmware.

Well, it’s almost impossible to just brick a controller, we do have other ways to install firmware. But it all depends on whats happened, if the main firmware is corrupted then I may be able to send you instructions, but if the fonts and other things the controller uses are corrupted, then it gets more complicated as you would need access to our development tools. It’s a shame you are not a bit closer than Long Beach, then I would take a look for you. When I get back in my office tomorrow or Monday, I’ll see what we have that may help.


A bit of a revive, but this issue has gien me additional problems.

I have acquired a new brain, this one is perfectly fine. Unfortunately, my controller refuses to connect with this new brain. The controller is somehow messed up, it still isn’t displaying any text and will not partner with my new brain.
The issue I think is that when I was attempting to update the vexos on my old brain, the brain froze in the middle
of the controller update. Any way I can restore my controller to a working condition? Any way to factory reset the controller or something?

We sorted this out via direct message, if anyone else has similar issues in the future contact me (or vex) directly.


Having a similar issue with IQ 1st gen that is stuck with Connect to Pc for Program Update message. Vexos works on other brains.