Brain is frozen, will not turn off or connect to anything

I am having trouble with the brain.

When turned on, it shows the program screen and then freezes and will not turn off unless the battery is removed. It will also not connect to a computer to complete a firmware update. Any suggestions as to how to fix this issue?


In my opinion get a new one. But try to reset it if you can or talk to your mentor. I don’t do iq but I know what you mean. There might be something internally wrong

I don’t know much about IQ either but there should be a reset switch/button somewhere on the brain. It will probably be very subtle, look like a screw hole, and be thin and deep. If there is one, find it and try using a skinny yet sturdy object to poke the button inside or to hold it (again don’t know much about IQ).

hold up and down buttons on the brain as you turn it on, it should power up in recovery mode. Connect to the PC and run the vexos utility, reinstall the firmware.