Brain malfunction with non 1.09 updated battery

Hello everyone, I just updated my brain controller and battery that was connected at the time to the v5 1.09 firmware update. The battery that was attached and updated at the time works fine on my robot. But when i attempt to connect one of the non updated batteries so I can update it the screen flashes white and then multi collored. How can I update other batteries and stop having my brain glitch.
Any ideas or help is greatly appreciated.

One thing that you should definitely try is to plug the charger as well as the power connection into the battery.The brain does not let an update happen otherwise because off power issues.

In addition you could try to update the brain again with the other battery attached.

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I attempted what you said above it failed unfortunatley. The brain turned on when the battery was plugged into the charger, however the brain didnt automatically update the battery. I attempted to redownload the program from vexos utility, but yet again the brain didnt dowload the update to the battery. Any more suggestions?

Why don’t you change the orders of things, plug the battery into the brain, wait for it to turn on, then after it does wait for the screen to show up, once it does then plug the battery into the charger.

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Here is the exact process of the problem. Plug the non updated battery into the brain, then either the brain dosent turn on at all or the screen will start flashing white and then mukti colors. If i have the battery plugged into an outlet and the brain, the brain will turn on like normal, at that point i tried downloading the update from vexos utility. The update was succesful for the brain but there was no update to the battery. Could this be a faulty battery? I hope my more in details analysis will help.

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If the V5 brain has been updated to 1.0.9, there’s no need to connect to the vexos update utility and update again, all device firmware, including the battery firmware, is stored inside the brain.

Is this a production battery ? (ie. we are not supporting batteries from the 2018 public beta)

When this battery powers up the brain, does the brain show an alert and ask you to perform an update ?

The update for the battery in 1.0.9 was fairly minor, batteries on the previous version will work ok but you will/should get the warning alert every time the brain is turned on.

can you run the battery medic and post a screen shot of what that shows.