Brain Not Turning On (Battery Problem?)

Our team was doing testing on the code, but our brain suddenly decided not to turn on. We suspect this may be because of the battery; we’re sure that it’s fully charged, but when we looked at the indicator lights, we noticed that only three green lights on in a strange combination. Does anybody have an idea of what this is? We’re stumped so far.


Try another battery and see if the Brain will turn on.

Do the led ever go out ? Does it charge ?


We unfortunately don’t have another battery to test the brain. The LED is still on at this point, and the battery does not respond to charging.

Ok, so this is one of the rare instances where using the reset button is justified. Use a straightened paper clip or similar in the small hole on the back of the battery and gently press the button inside. See if that helps.

If it does, fully charge the battery before using it for any length of time.


It worked! All five lights are on now; should we still charge the battery?

yes, charge the battery. When the battery is reset it looses track of battery capacity, when you charge it that will be reset when charging completes.

You may also want to run the battery medic program at some point soon, check to see if any cells have issues.


We’ll do that, thank you!