Brain Program Download Error

Dear all,

Our competition is coming up tomorrow but for some reason my computer has started having issues downloading programs to the Vex V5 Brain starting yesterday.

Everytime I try to download the code, only a red [download error] message comes up in the console (picture attached)

I double checked that this was not due to errors in the code, and trying to run previous code working from days ago also did not work.

I’ve looked into previous posts on the forum which suggest a firmware update, but there is no such option available for our brain.

Instead, the brain just displays the message " Ensure Battery is plugged into a wall adapter and charging"

Any potential suggestions to fix this would be greatly appreciated, Thank You!

The battery want’s an update, plug it into the charger while also connected to the brain then it will show an “OK” button and allow you to update.

This is often caused by another program trying to talk with the V5 brain, make sure other programs (V5 blocks, V5 firmware utility etc,) are closed.


Hello and Thank You for the reply! Indeed, the battery did need a firmware update, but even after the update was done the code still displayed errors when downloading.

However, I tried it out on a teammate’s computer and the code was downloaded successfully. Therefore, I assume something must have went wrong with the files of my V5 Text - I uninstalled and reinstalled and its working again now just in time for the competition!

Thank You for your help regardless!