Brain red light

With full battery, the red light on brain starts blinking and robot barely moves. We just got the battery out of charger. Have you experienced this before?
Video here
Thank you in advance for your help.


Wow. Just Wow. A great question, a video, just a huge amount of information in a single post. If I could get you VEX Forum poster of the month award, it would go to you.

You have an issue with your battery pack. There is not one battery, there are a number of cells (think AA battery) inside the plastic case.

One of the cells has decided to die and the fellow cells are reporting back to the charger that all things are good (green light on the charger) in support of their fallen comrade. The overall voltage is fine (green light) until you put a load on it (in the robot) and then the truth comes out.

Sometimes you can breath temporary life into the dead cell by charging over and over and over. But the real fix is getting a new battery pack.


:smile: haha Thank you! That was helpful.


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