Brain Screen Images to Buttons

I coded my brain to add an image to the screen during a program and it works fine, what I want to do now is make that image a button to press to look at our motor heat signatures. Any suggestions on how to make that work? I use vex code pro V5

well first off can i ask what code type your using? i have not been able to program images onto a brain screen. maybe its because im using blocks…

and unless VEx came out with a heat sensor for robots, im not sure thats possible.

The v5 smart motors can return heat values as percentages

Vex code (blocks) doesn’t have support for putting images on the brain from a file, but you can program it to draw on the screen, which is most likely what they are doing

Yes it does (not in blocks though):

thats what i mean, drawing on a screen.

I use vex code V5 pro