Brain Screen is frozen, pressing buttons doesn't help

So just today, I turned on my VEX IQ Brain, and the brain’s screen was frozen. I pressed buttons on the brain, yet nothing happens.

Brain Info:
Brain Generation: 1st

Does it have an external power source?

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no, it’s just powered by the normal iq battery.

Are you able to take the battery out?

Yes. That is the only way to also turn it off.

Is there a red light shining in the brain?

nope. not one. Just green, that’s all

Try taking out the battery and put a new battery that is at full charge. If that does not work try looking for a small hole that seas reset. You might need to use a small object to push it

ok, mis-information here. There is no hole labeled reset, do not start poking things inside the IQ.


O sorry I thought there was an external reseat button

Does the screen display anything ? or is it just white ?

Can you enter the bootloader (hold down up and down buttons, then power on the brain using the check button).

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Guys, the problem’s fixed.

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