Brain screen issue

Does anyone know what caused this and if it can be fixed? The team was trying to create some autonomous code and the screen whited out and this is now what we see. Thank you.

looks like electrical fault, send picture to support at VEX and see what they recommend.

You will have a response and process for sending in for repair (out of warrantee cost not too bad).


It is called a white screen it is caused by a overload on the brain by static or just it overloading. You can fix it by just unplugging the batery.

If unplugging works great - but I am assuming they are seeing this all the time now …


It’s a decently common thing in vex and mostly caused by static. But there’s no real way to avoid it just lessen chances with anti static spray. And the only way to fix it is to reset the brain by unplugging battery. If for some reason it doesn’t fix it you might need to full reset the brain and clear the brain but it almost never comes to that.

The image posted by the OP is very clearly not of a whitescreen lockup. This looks like there has been physical damage of some sort to the V5 brain’s LCD. I agree with @lacsap, the course of action ehre is to call vex and try to get a replacement/repair.