Brain: Settings. Start at: changes from home to slot 1, slot 2

While working with students on their VEX IQ robots every now and then they will not be able to download a program. We use RobotC Graphical. When I look at the robot I see in settings that the “Start at:” has been changed from “Home” to Driver, or Slot 1 or Slot 2. Does anyone know how this changes in the VEX IQ Brain? It is a big block for students when they have tried restarting the brain, unplugging and replugging in the cables and even doing a firmware download. All the common ways they know how to troubleshoot a robot that will not download. Any ideas or help is appreciated. I also had a team at a tournament that was working on autonomous and their Brain had the same problem. I will point this out to my clubs but it is more difficult for the 300 general educations students that use the robots during the school year. Thank you

super easy… go into settings on the brain and you have two options from there… you can select the start at screen from the menu or you can scroll past the start at to the second screen on the setting an click on reset all setting and that will start you at the home screen