Brain stopped responding to modkit

We made a program and downloaded it to the brain, everything was working fine but now each time we try to program the brain it says programming OK but when we try to run the program nothing happens. Also it will not respond to the run command either. Also we cannot save the project, it says we are limited to 10 saved projects but when we try to delete one nothing shows up in the browse window. Very frustrating as it only worked a few times and now it will not work at all.

Aloha SMSJ,
I know at least on Modkit there are only a set number of programs that can be saved on the cloud account. I would first suggest deleting any old programs that you are not currently using. Another thing to look for in your Cloud account is programs that have the same name. In the past we downloaded programs with similar names and wondered why it was not working the same as the previous days. There are only about 5 programs on my cloud account. Maybe you could start there?

Also uploading the new firmware should clean out your robot brain and give you a fresh start.

Thanks, I did make sure the firmware was uploaded. I also was able to install modkit on another computer and delete all the old programs I was saving while trying to troubleshoot. Made a new program and the same thing. The brain is recognized, I send the program and get programming OK. The program shows up on the brain in the correct port but will not run.

If your controller icon is dragged into your code then you will need to turn on your controller to make the code work.