Brain To Computer Code Backup

My laptop with my vex code pro code on it crashed and can not turn back on no matter what I do. I have not backed up the latest version of the code however that code is downloaded to the brain. Is there any possible way to be able to access the code file using the brain?

I may be totally wrong, but I thought VEXcode pro autosaves when you upload code to the robot.

Its not The vex code, He said its his computer, He said it crashed and won’t turn back on.

Oh, sorry, my fault, I missed that. Still learning.

I think @61466B is correct. Every time you build and upload your project to the brain, it makes changes to a file in your local drive. If your computer turns on again, it should be in the files. To make sure this doesn’t happen, my team always GitHub the robot code after each meeting. Check out this link to find more info on saving code.


With my (limited) knowledge, only a compiled binary is uploaded to the brain, so you could not get the full files, .v5code etc

As an extreme measure, you could take out the hard drive, and transplant it to another computer to get files off

Its not possible to retrieve the readable source code of a program from the brain. What’s actually uploaded to the brain is the machine code outputted from the C++ compiler, which can’t be easily converted back to the original source code.

There’s not a way to get your code from brain to computer so hope you can get your computer working again. Even if you were able to get it back from the brain it would be the compiled version since VEXcode Pro automatically compiles it before downloading it, so you’d have to find a way to un-compile it. It would be really cool if someone found a way to do this though.

What is in the brain is the compiled machine code (binary output). The source code itself will not be present in the brain.

Your best bet is to get the hard drive out of the laptop and plugged into another computer to recover files.

Hey @jpearman for python with vexcode, you guys send the full python file to the V5 right? So python files would be recoverable?


Does V5 Brain have a Python interpreter running on it? My gut is no. But you never know :slight_smile:

Not sure how a V5 brain could run Python code and a Python REPL without a python interpreter…


Yes, with the correct tools you could recover Python source code from the brain.

yes, Python source is “compiled” to byte code by the interpreter before it runs (to improve execution speed).


One other thought is trying to recover the vex source code from the laptop hard drive. Not cheap but often successful. There are several sources for this service.

I’m going to assume that these are developer only tools, because normally you go “Hey you can use this tool”.

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