Brain usb port

The usb port on the brain seems to have trouble connecting.

Well, that isn’t much information. Are you using a V5 brain? What programming platform are you using? What is plugged in (Brain to computer, controller to computer, something else)? Does the USB port work with other objects besides the brain? Are you getting errors? Does your USB cable support data-sync (it can be massively annoying to be using a charge-only cable by accident)?


If the brain you are working with is anything like the brains I am working with, then the USB port is really sloppy and prone towards random connecting/disconnecting.

If you’re on a PC turn up your system audio and see if you’re getting USB connecting/disconnecting noise.

Try fiddling with the microUSB connection on the brain. I seem to have the most luck when I very slightly pull back on the connector so that it is not inserted as deeply as possible.

Once you get it to connect… don’t touch it, because it will disconnect.

Probably not a satisfying answer, but if you have the same problem, it’s a physical problem; and thus obviously not anything we can fix via forum post.

The brains I am working with are a bit older, but they’re all like that.

If you’re not able to get them to connect even momentarily, verify that you installed drivers in addition to your code editor.

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We had this happen at nationals two years ago. There, Vex just gave us a new brain, but if the port is really dead, you have two options:

  1. Use the other ports on the brain:
    There are other ports on the brain like a micro-sd card slot (if you are using a v5 brain that is)
  2. Use the controller’s port
    This is usually much simpler and easier than connecting your cord to the brain. I think you have to be using VEXcode for it to work, as I am not sure if it works on other programs (PROS, etc.)

You can try these, or you can also try a new cable. At the end of the day, you can probably send it in to Vex, and they might give you a new one if the port is truly blown.

You’re gonna have to give us more info than that…

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