Brain will not light up

School has VEX IQ equipment from 2014-2017 and working with 6 grades for the first time.
Bought a battery charger and light flashed red when docking battery. Tired to transfer power from motor to brain as a jump start but brain display did not light up. Thinking I should just purchase a new battery but also wondering if I need a new brain and possibly controller as well.
Specs for brain are below
Brain 4073DD part 228-2540 VEX Bootloader version 1 900 MHz radio card Logic PCB Rev 2.

Thank you so very much for your input.

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It could be the battery is 100% dead and will not recover.

Do you have another battery to try to verify that your motor is working? Or another motor to try?

Your battery may be what I call “1 in a 100”, where if you spin it 100 times it finally will come to life. So you might want to try spinning it for longer. I actually built a 2 motor fixture so I could drive motor 1 that was connected to motor 2/brain 2/dead battery for a minute to force a charge.

Use a steel shaft if you do this, the plastic ones don’t last long.

Thank you so very much!

I will try another motor and spin for longer.

Decided to also order a new battery.