Brain with no Bluetooth bars

I have a VEX IQ brain that is upto date with a radio properly installed where there is no bluetooth connectivity. It says that it connects to a controller but after pulling out the tether nothing changes. Any suggestions?

Had that issue once after inserting smart radio. It uses the higher version firmware. When doing firmware updates, choose ( ) RobotC ( ) Modkit (o) Smart Radio. It updates and then you will see bars.

The VEX IQ Robot Brain and Controller firmware must be updated to v1.16 and v1.05 or higher (respectively) before using the Smart Radio.

I have tried updating to 1.16 and then back dated to 1.15 and I still have the same issue, this is not a smart radio…

Then Art Dutra might have to look at this question or end up contacting support. Only 1.16 or above works with BT/Smart Radio. All others (900 /2.4) are not BT/Smart Radio, just regular WiFi bars for controller.

Edit: If you see no bars at all for regular radio/controller pairing with brain on and controller on (even with v1.15 brain and 1.05 controller), then it is definitely indication to contact support. Also make sure to use 2 radios of same type.

900 MHz radio…-iq-radio.html
Wireless driving of your robot

Smart Radio…/228-3530.html
Supports multiple connections (e.g. Robot Brain + Controller + Tablet)

Another thought. Testing purposes only. If you happen to have access to another pair of radios, then try those on your brain and controller. If bars appear, then you might have bad radio/radios and nothing wrong with other hardware or firmware.

I have read through the thread but don’t think I fully understand everything. I have a robot brain with a 900 MHz radio receiver. I have checked to make sure it is pushed all the way down and I have verified the remote and I am getting no-bars to even search on the brain. I have taken the same 900 MHz receiver and put it into a different brain and it works in the other brain. Is this a firmware issue or something greater?

I had this problem yesterday, and it was the radio in the controller that was not fully seated. It should be a simple fix:

  1. Go to and install the VEXOS updater. Make sure all your firmware is updated.
  2. GENTLY remove both radios and plug them in again.
  3. Try the tether process.
  4. If it doesn’t work the first time, turn the Brain and Controller both off, then turn them on again and re-try the synchronization.
  5. If that doesn’t work, try the tether process again.

If none of that works, you might try different radios, changing one at a time.

Good luck!