Brain won't download anything

I hook the brain to my Chromebook and the brain icon goes green, but when I try and download the code it says “Program failed to download. Please power cycle your brain and try again.” I’ve power cycled a bunch of time now, made sure I have a good cable, the battery is full, and there’s nothing visually wrong with the brain. I’ve reset it using the button in settings and still the same thing. kb.vex and reddit are blocked on my Chromebook so I can’t go on those.

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Your USB port on the brain may be loose, so you have to put slight pressure on the plug so it contacts better.

You could always try scrubbing it with an eraser or blowing out the dust… but actually, maybe try connecting the brain to the controller and the controller to the computer. Also a heads up, the controllers like being connected directly to the computer, we have a USB dongle that it hates.

We have to unplug it from the usb dongle and plug it back in every time we plug in the controller to our macs.

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