Brain won't save after turning off

Our team is having trouble getting our cortex to save our autonomous programs. It will work once after downloaded, but after we turn our bot off it’s gone. It’s not saving. Also before we turn off our bot and switch to driver control mode it is messing it up as well. We have tried re downloading everything, updating our cortex and remote, and re starting everything. We’ve also tried placing everything in individual slots. Has anyone else had this problem or have any suggestions on what to do?

Thank you for the suggestion and info.

no problem

It’s wrong. Programs are not saved to the SD card.

What are you programming with? VCS, VEXcode, RMS, PROS, Matlab…?

Are you using V5 or the older cortex ?

On the V5, user programs are never saved to the SD Card, they are saved internally.

@jpearman @John_TYler I have been able to save programs on the SD card before and insert it into the brain and the program will be there. did I run into a bug?

I mean, you can save anything you like on the SD Card using a PC. But you cannot either download directly to the SD Card or execute a program from it. The SD Card is for use by a user program in anyway it wants, you can read and write any arbitrary data, but only from user code.

o ok that makes sense thank you for clarifying.

We are using VEXcode and V5 cortex.

Which program slot are you downloading to because from I understand by uploading into an existing program slot that already has a program will cause that program to be deleted.

Can you explain exactly what is happening ?

Which slot are you downloading to ?
How many programs are on the brain ?
Do you see any errors in the output window when you download ?
Have you tried downloading a simple example program ?

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