Brain won't start Timed Run?

(sorry if this is in the wrong category) - Has anyone else had issues with their brain not letting them start timed runs? I’m trying to run autonomous directly from the brain and just can’t click on the button for timed runs or matches. That being said, I’m not sure if it’s something caused by the code or an actual issue with the touchscreen. I have no issues with any other buttons, literally just the ones that would allow auton to be run. Thanks in advance for any advice and again sorry if this is in the wrong place (:

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With all programming questions we’d like to see your code. Please post ALL your code, sometimes it’s something you are overlooking. Thanks!

That feature was never implemented (unless you program a button into your own code to do that), but you can start a run from your controller.


To do a timed run, I’d just say to either Start another thread with a while loop checking the time of the brain, seeing if it’s at 60 seconds, and if so disable controller input and also disable some of your other stuff too (automatic intakes for example).

Edit: you’re doing auton, so maybe don’t use the thread method and just slap the if statement inside your user control loop. If you want to do it for user control though you can tie the above method to a button

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