Brain's USB Port Not Working

Hey all,

Over the last two weeks, some strange things have been happening with our V5 brain. Vex Coding Studio couldn’t recognize our brain, when it was plugged into the computer. To isolate the problem, we tried to restart the brain, redownload VCS, used a different cable, and a different computer, none of them seemed to work.

What was strange was that the brain did work on other programs besides VCS (like Atom). We concluded that the problem may have been a mix of our wire and the USB port on the brain, not functioning.

Using a new wire, the brain will only show that it is connected to the computer at specific angles of inserting the cable. Also, the brain has tended to show signs of slowing down, unresponsiveness, and glitches.

Any ideas on how to make the USB port work fully again and why the brain is slow?