Brains want to update every day

Hey everyone!

I am running about 30 V5 brains in my classes, and since the last update, I seem to have about 5 brains that want to update every day. Sometimes they go through the process multiple times and ask to update the power chip. When I test them with the firmware utility, they say “up to date” but then vexcode and vexcode pro show the exclamation point and say we are out of date and the box for the current version is empty.

Is anyone else having trouble with this? Or potential fixes? It isn’t critical, as we can use the brains for most of our classroom stuff without being up to date, but it would be nice to get rid of the messages.

Thanks in advance!

can you confirm if the V5 brain is being updated to vexos 1.0.13 (go to the devices screen and select the brain icon), or is the update from VEXcode failing ?

Make sure that both VEXcode and VEXcode V5 Pro are not both open at the same time (or any other program such as the V5 firmware utility). If both programs are open, communication with the V5 brain will fail.

If the current version box is empty in VEXcode, that usually indicates some type of communication error, perhaps unplug the USB cable and try again.


Check the battery cable. I find that, when the battery cable isnt plugged in all the way, it sometimesshows the version as 0.0.0