brainstorming Ideas for Intakes

I’ve been brainstorming different ideas of intake. But I could only think of 2 and I would like more Ideas to help my team and other teams. So far I’ve thought of forklift idea and a claw that would pick the stars and cubes up.

I think that those are probably the best for now, but here are few ideas that may or may not work:
I hope that these ideas can be expanded upon.

A metal or lexan plate that can simply be slid under the stars and cubes.

A spread out forklift that is a dozen prongs wide to hold a bunch of stars at a time.

The common tossup intake (Two side-rollers that can intake a star or two or spread out to hold a cube because it’s held together by elastics).

Two horizontal bars that rotate around each other that will flip a star onto a mechanism behind it by levering the star’s arm over top of the mechanism, and rotates backward to intake cubes in a top roller style

A crane with a claw game type hook.

A massive claw closes in on a few objects at a time.

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Don’t forget about conveyors…

As opposed to the forklift-type intakes, conveyors can easily be geared up and run “continuously”, which could allow for faster intaking. Additionally, a conveyor could be considerably faster and more reliable.

Just another idea to add to the table :slight_smile: