Brand New Blinking Batteries. Help


My school just purchased two VEX IQ Classroom bundles. I had the students pull the batteries, chargers, and charging cords from the kits so that I could charge them. I have two shock protectors and I plugged in half of them to the protectors.

At first, they were all red to indicate that they were charging, but then they started to blink green. I switched off the power since that meant they were overheating. When I turned the power back on, they all blink red.

At first, I thought it was maybe a faulty battery… but could all of the batteries be faulty from both kits? That seems a little extreme. I unplugged one and plugged it into the wall thinking it was the protector… no dice: still blinking red.

Have I messed up and entire kit of batteries? What make them overheat in the first place?

Just flagged my post I thought you were referring to V5 here are some resources for IQ

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Yeah. I’ve seen this page. I tried to figure out what the issue was before coming to the forum, but that doesn’t really tell me why this is happening or what the issue is.

I’m trying to figure out if I’ve rolled a Nat 1 on every single battery or charger in both brand new classroom bundles being bad (because they’re all blinking red now) or if I’m doing something wrong.

Is there a reason new batteries will overheat (blink green) and then blink red after cooling down that isn’t due to the battery being bad?

I put one of the blinking red batteries into a brain and it turned on and said it was fully charged, so now I’m now I’m more confused. Could it be a fault with the chargers or should I just stop worrying and go one with my life?

Have you tried plugging the battery into the brain… and the blink lights on the charger can sometimes act up so see if it works in the brain

You have something weird going on. Reach out to and talk to them.