Brand new quad has unsoldered wire [MUST SEE]

Wire has solder in it but wasnt put through the pcb, looks like it was even bent in a failed attempt at getting it in

I have a soldering iron so not going to bother returning it, has anyone else experienced this?

We haven’t had an issue encoders particularly, but we just bought 2 solenoid driver cables and one of them had an unsoldered connection.

@Brian_9605A hey we have the same numbers, just mixed up :smiley: ok but anyways, we’ve had things come unsoldered, but never arrive unsoldered.

Ditto on opening a limit switch. But don’t know if it arrived unsoldered just that there did not appear to be solder on the wire.


A. Vex makes 1000’s of things, it’s bound to happen on occasion
B. It’s all made by the lowest bidder (essentially)

RMA it.