Break and hold

Motor.setBrake(hold); How do you release or get out of hold once it has been set. Is there a function of “unhold” of some sorts? Brake mode change perhaps?? Our team is trying to figure it out and don’t have much time of course.

motor. setBrake(coast)

or motor. stop ()
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The motor stop is what activates the hold. Setting the brake to coast will release the hold.

if you put nothing in the parenthesis it will just set the voltage output to 0

I don’t believe that is correct, it will use whatever was set by setStopping.

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Changing the setStopping and setBrake will change the default stopping
If you do change setStopping/setBrake to hold, everytime you call Motor.stop() it will always do hold unless the setStopping/setBrake is changed to something else. If setStopping is set to hold and you want it to coast you will need to use Motor.stop(coast);